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Cookies policy

This policy applies to cookie files saved in end-devices (so-called "cookies") and it refers to the page, run by: TECHRAMPS Sp. z o.o. Sp. Komandytowa, Organki 2 Street, 31- 990 Cracow (hereinafter referred to as "internet service").

What are computer cookies?
Cookie files (so-called "cookies") are computer data, mainly text files, that is stored in end - devices of the Website User and is intended for use with the pages of the Web Service. Typically, cookies contain the name of a website from which they come, their storage time on end-devices and a unique number.

Why are we using cookies ?
"Cookies" are used to adjust the content of websites to user preferences and to optimize the use of websites. They are also used to create anonymous statistics that help to understand how the user uses websites, which allows improving their structure and content, excluding personal identification of the user.

What kind of "cookies" do we use?
The Website uses mainly two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored in the end-device of the User until logging-out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the end-device of the User for a specified time that is determined in cookie parameters or until the User deletes them.

Do "cookies" contain personal data?
Personal data collected using "cookies" can be collected only to perform specific functions for the user. Such data is encrypted in a way that prevents access from unauthorized persons.

The purposes in which cookies are used
a) configuration of the website - adjusting the content of websites to the preferences of the user and optimizing the use of websites of the website;
b) analysis and research as well as audience audit - collecting general and anonymous static data, creating anonymous statistics using analytical tools that help to understand how the Website Users use the website, which allows improving their structure and content;
c) providing advertising services - presenting advertising messages tailored to the User's preferences;
d) creating statistics that help to understand how Website Users use web pages, which may lead to improvement of the structure and its content(Google Analitycs: Google Inc. USA);
e) determining user profile in order to display advertising materials that are matched to this profile, in particular Google Network (Google Adwords: Google Inc. USA);
We recommend that you read the privacy protection policies of these companies to be aware how cookie files are used in statistics: Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Deleting cookies
Software for browsing websites (a browser) usually allows storing cookies on users' end-devices by default. Website Users can change these settings. The web browser allows deleting cookies. It is also possible to block cookies automatically. Details of how to do so can be found in the help section or  the browser documentation. Restrictions on the use of cookies may influence some of the functions available on the Website pages.