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TECHRAMPS GROUP - we are a Polish group of brands dealing in the design and construction of innovative sports facilities. We have been involved in comprehensive investment implementation for 19 years now. Those were years of intense learning and self-improvement. We have gladly put into service over 1000 facilities made at the highest level. We can proudly say that we equip European cities with the best skateparks, pumptracks, flowparks, wakeparks, waveparks and snowparks.


We base the work of the whole Techramps Group team on jointly developed values: professionalism, commitment, cooperation and innovation. This wins us the position of a market leader. Our team is made up of people for whom sport is one of life's priorities. By combining our passion with our work, we pursue the need to share what's important to us and create for others. We hire the best specialists in the design and construction industry, whom we equip with professional equipment and work tools. Our own office and construction facilities, as well as a production hall with a total area of over 2,000 m2 allow us to independently carry out even very complex investments.


We start cooperation with a concept design. This lies with the Slo Concept designer team. Then we carry out a real-world visualization of the facility by creating a 3D model and placing it on the map. We then proceed with developing the executive design. It is forwarded to the investor and the representative of our production plant. The production process of all facilities starts at a modern hall equipped with extensive wood and steel processing machinery. The semi-finished products and the implementation of the investment lies with the specialized construction and assembly teams of the Techramps Group. Techramps Concrete, Techramps Modular,, Slo Concept, Wakepro, Flowparks and Waveparks are brands, but above all, people with a passion and commitment to make Sports Facilities of the 21st century.


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