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Concrete skatepark in Lillehammer (Norway)
Concrete skatepark in Chęciny
Concrete skatepark in Olkusz (Poland)
Concrete skatepark in Świecie (Poland)
Concrete bowl in Wąchock (Poland)
Concrete skatepark in Cracow (Poland)

Techramps Concrete - after several years of development and gaining experience, the Techramps Group team has expanded its business with the design and construction of concrete skateparks. The fashion and culture from across the ocean has put another challenge ahead of us - to provide Polish local government units with the knowledge about modern methods for constructing this type of sports facilities. We quickly expanded our assets with specialized concrete-working equipment, which we use to shotcrete and smoothen skateparks. The investment process begins with design works: developing an individual concept, construction and executive design, land development and all arrangements necessary to obtain a legally valid building permit. Our facilities are adapted to the city's architecture and designed for future users. At you can find more information about the brand.

Examples of our realizations - Concrete skateparks

See our Concrete skateparks: