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Ramp Surface - Rampline - Rzezawa Skatepark
Wooden modular skatepark in Szczecin (Poland)
Ramp Surface - Rampline - Rzezawa Skatepark
Modular skatepark in Wąchock (Poland)

Techramps Modular - one of the first branches opened by the Techramps Group. With the cooperation of the whole team we provide European cities with modular skateparks based on specially developed technology. The entire production of modular skateparks takes place in our Krakow-based production hall, where we cut individual components using specialized CNC machines. The machinery and the team's experience allows us to maintain precise accuracy in the production of individual components. The final stage of the investment takes place directly at the customer’s; our assembly teams are responsible for that. In the spirit of our values, we care for work safety and internal order, and our experience, knowledge and continuous development make our facilities fully professional. It was the Techramps Modular team that built the first skatepark in Poland and started the development of 21st century sports facilities. If you want to get more information about this brand, please check out our website

Examples of our realizations - Modular skateparks

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