Sport Facilities XXI Century

Silver Park in Olkusz - sport facility of the 2015
sport facilities of XXI century
Sport facility in Wąchock
Concrete skatepark in Olkusz - project and realization
Concrete skatepark in Wejherowo
Concrete skatepark in Warsaw
Concrete skatepark in Moscow

Slo Concept - We are an experienced team of designers of sports and recreation facilities. Since 2003, we have developed over 2000 concepts of skateparks, pumptracks, street workout parks, wakeparks and waveparks. Over half of our projects were completed unfer the Techramps Group and we have equipped European cities with innovative sports facilities. While working on the project, we take care of every detail to meet the expectations of the investor and future users. We are a team closely related to the sports and recreation sector, which makes the facilities we design functional, safe and adapted to latest trends. If you want to get more information about this brand, please check out our website

Examples of our realizations - Projects

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