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GIRLS PARADE - or more and more girls on the board

Year after year, the number of girls at GIRLS PARADE and other skate events is increasing. How is it that 40% of new riders in the US are women, and this number increased sharply after the pandemic? We explain everything in our article.


Author: Asia Gęborska

This past Saturday, March 16, Streetpark in Krakow turned into a real arena for girls on skateboards and rollerblades. This year's edition of GIRLS PARADE started at 4:00 pm and lasted until late in the evening, offering participants a range of activities completely free of charge! Year after year, the number of girls at GIRLS PARADE and other skate events is increasing. How is it that 40% of new riders in the US are women, and this number increased sharply after the pandemic? We explain everything in our article.


GIRLS PARADE 2024 - or skatepark girls only!

Punctually at 16:00 admission to the Streetpark was free for girls only. The event began with free skateboarding and rollerblading workshops, aimed at girls of all ages. It was a unique opportunity to take your first steps on a skateboard or rollerblades under the guidance of experienced instructors, and for the more advanced - a chance to hone your skills in full swing!


Skate-G Talks with Esther Ant

After intensive exercises, it was time to chill and chat. The evening began with a Skate-G Talks panel featuring special guest Estera Antka, a talented skater and graphic designer from Krakow. Estera shared her inspiring story of a life on wheels and told how skateboarding became a part of her life and a huge inspiration for her artistic endeavors.


Estera Mrówka inspires other riders during the Skate-G Talks panel! 
Photo: Bartosz Bułhak, Streetpark - Cracow Indoor Skatepark 

GIRLS ONLY session

The nail of the event's program was the GIRLS ONLY session and jam. It was a time exclusively for girls, who could ride around the skatepark without any restrictions, supporting each other and sharing the joy of riding.

The event culminated with the distribution of gifts for the best tricks during the joint jam. This was followed by a photo shoot that captured this special day full of positive girl energy and sports excitement. 

GIRLS PARADE - unites girls on wheels since 2018!

We launched this initiative in 2018, back when we were still associated with Tauron Arena. It's not about popularity, it's about how much we can do for girls who want to explore and develop their passions in a place where they feel safe and free. There is something amazing in watching girls meet, get to know and support each other, and they are united by their common passion - wheels," says Marija Gawąd, co-founder of Skate Culture Foundation and co-owner of Streetpark Cracow Indoor Park.

Our main goal is to create a space where girls can meet, exchange experiences and just have fun in a healthy atmosphere. From year to year we actually see a lot of interest in the initiative , which proves that girls just need it. We believe that such events are very important, because they promote positive relationships and help young women to boldly follow their dreams," she adds.

Marija Gawąd, Skate Culture Foundation.

Photo: Bartosz Bułhak, Streetpark - Cracow Indoor Skatepark 

More girls on the boards? 3xTAK!

GOSKATE, an American organization that educates young riders and female riders, has introduced hundreds, if not thousands, of young women to the sport. Their latest research indicates that there has been a 40% increase in female participation in the sport. This research is supported by other organizations, such as USC's Skateboard Project and Wasserman's Business Case for Women's Sports (2021), which also highlight the increased participation of women in skateboarding. 
What has contributed to this growth? The report indicates that it was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The pandemic caused a 118% increase in demand for skateboarding products, with a significant proportion of women trying their hand at skateboarding for the first time.

Women for the Olympics!

In the pandemic year, skateboarding was also introduced to the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympic program had a profound effect, especially on young girls, showcasing women's skateboarding on a global stage. Thanks to the event, more parents changed their minds about the sport and began encouraging their daughters to take up the sport.

Parents began to see skateboarding as a positive activity for their daughters, influenced by the visibility of female riders at the Olympics, in popular culture and in the media. Women's representation in skateboarding has increased significantly in the media, contributing to an 800% (!) increase in women's participation in skateboarding over the past five years. Interestingly, in our national team appointed by PSW, there are many talented female riders, such as Zuzanna Bone, Nelly Zarzycka, Weronika Choromanska and Pola Kupczyk.


Girl Math, or more girls on the board means more skateparks!

In recent years, the number of skateparks being built has increased, providing safe spaces for women to skateboard and be part of their communities. The main reason why more women are skateboarding is the increased comfort and acceptance at skateparks, which are supported by riders and coaches.

The results of the GOSKATE survey indicate that 40% of the organization's new riders are women, with 85% of children learning to skateboard being girls. Both moms and young female students express high satisfaction with skateboarding classes.

Findings from USC's Skateboard Project show that skateboarding communities help youth feel safer and less judged. Among those surveyed, only 16% feel judged by their gender.


The increased representation of women in the media and the growing number of skateparks support this trend, proving that initiatives like GIRLS PARADE are crucial to supporting and promoting female skateboarding.

Photo: Bartosz Bułhak, Streetpark - Cracow Indoor Skatepark 

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