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New skatepark and two pumptracks in Piekary Slaskie!

A 921 sq m concrete skatepark and two pumptracks await urban sports enthusiasts. The facility offers a wide range of skatepark elements for different skill levels, such as vulcan and cbox.


Author: Asia Gęborska

The development covers a total area of 921 sqm. The skatepark features two pumptracks, designed to accommodate different levels of riders. The pumptracks consist of moguls, profiled turns and small "hops," arranged in such a way as to allow you to accelerate and maintain speed without pedaling. It is an ideal place to learn to ride BMX, skateboard, rollerblades or scooters, as well as to develop motor coordination and improve the sense of balance, making the facility suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

The newly established skatepark in Piekary Slaskie offers a wide range of skatepark elements that will satisfy both beginners and advanced extreme sports enthusiasts. The facility includes a miniramp, vulcan, pyramid, manual pad, cbox and straight bench.

A priority in the design and construction of the skatepark was to ensure maximum safety for all users. The concrete surface is not only durable, but also provides adequate grip, which minimizes the risk of falls. In addition, the design of the skatepark allows smooth movement between different zones without having to change location.

The skatepark and pumptrack is located on Armii Krajowej Street in Piekary Slaskie. This place will be a point of active leisure for the whole family and young people. We invite all extreme sports enthusiasts and those wishing to start their adventure with BMX, skateboarding or rollerblading to use the new, modern sports facility!

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