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Pizza Day at Techramps Group, or a delicious start to the year!


Author: Asia Gęborska

This past Wednesday, January 17, Techramps Group moved straight to the Italian land of flavors, celebrating World Pizza Day. This special event, celebrated since 2018, commemorating the day of St. Anthony, the patron saint of pizzerias, made our headquarters turn into a real Italian pizzeria for a day.We embarked on this magical pizza journey with full commitment and an appetite for new culinary experiences. Our team prepared a special menu, which was dominated by three unforgettable flavors: classic Margherita, exquisite Capricciosa and spicy Salami. Each of the pizzas was baked on site, in real ovens, which added to their unique aroma and crispness.To complete the atmosphere of an Italian feast, hit songs by artists such as Raffaella Carrà resounded in the background, creating an atmosphere full of the joy of delicious food! It was a real festival of flavors and sounds!At the position of Pizzer Man stood the Leader of the Marketing and Design Department - David, who accepted the challenge with great gusto, because every pizza that came out of his hand was perfect in taste! His helper was Erik, our skatepark designer, who proved that he not only has a sense of style on the board, but also a culinary talent!Pizza Day at Techramps Group was not only a tasty treat, but also an opportunity to integrate and celebrate together. Thank you all for participating in this special day, full of flavor and fun. And we are already looking forward to the next opportunity to create something delicious together!Buon appetito! 🍕✨

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