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Skatepark in Brzesko fascinates local skaters and more!

In May this year in Brzesko took place the opening of a new skatepark, located in the picturesque Forest Park. Designed in the shape of a triangle, the facility was created for extreme sports enthusiasts of all skill levels - from beginners to old-timers! The place arouses the admiration of not only locals, but also skaters from all over the province.


Author: Asia Gęborska

The skatepark, which covers an area of 616 sq. m, has been divided into several riding sections to suit different levels of skill:

Advanced section
The advanced segment features a pyramid that challenges experienced skaters. The large street section includes long stairs and a drop railing, as well as Grindboxes on both sides. In addition, this section of the skatepark includes a Quarter Pipe and a Corner for complex tricks.

Intermediate section
The zone for intermediate users will also find something for themselves! A pyramid and a medium-sized street section await there, which includes a short staircase, a short descending handrail, a short descending Grindbox and a straight Grindbox set at an angle. In addition, a Bank Ramp and another pyramid are available to add variety to the ride.

Beginner section
The beginner section includes a Bank Ramp and a pyramid, which are ideal for learning basic tricks. The small street section includes a Funbox, Grindbox 2/2, an obstacle called Barcelona, and a pump for gradual skill acquisition. Quarter Pipe and Corner round out this sector of the skatepark, allowing you to perform basic board maneuvers.

Kids Section
Section This section was designed with the youngest users in mind . It features a Quarter Pipe, a straight flat handrail, a Bank Ramp and a Flat Grindbox. These elements allow children to learn and play safely on a skateboard.

A specially designated mini-ramp, which is an ideal place to learn and improve pumping technique. Pushing off on this device involves dynamically bending and straightening your legs in sync with the slopes of the ramp to generate speed without pushing off the ground with your foot.

The skatepark also features benches, trash garbage cans, bicycle racks and lamps, which allow the facility to be used even after dark.
The opening of the facility, on May 11, was accompanied by a picnic organized by the Office of the City of Brzesko, which attracted many residents. The program included demonstrations and workshops of urban sports.

The new skatepark in Brzesko is an excellent place for people of all ages and skill levels to spend time actively. The skatepark is located in the picturesque Forest Park on the Słotwina estate.

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