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Skatepark in Sciniavo - coming soon!

Another exciting project ahead of us! We are very excited to inform you about the next skatepark construction that we will be handling as TECHRAMPS brand.


Author: Asia Gęborska

Next year, our construction team will head to picturesque Sciniawa, where a new, eagerly awaited facility will soon be built by local youth!

Our representative Bartosz Polak, Head of the TECHRAMPS Construction Department, signed an agreement last week with the mayor of Sciniawa ( Silesian Voivodeship) - Krystian Kosztyła - to develop design documentation and build this new facility. The investment is made possible thanks to the acquisition of funds from the Strategic Investment Program of Poland's Deal. We have 14 months to complete this task. Next summer, locals will already be able to speed on their dream facility!

In the near future we will prepare detailed documentation for approval of the ordering party. We would like to thank you for your trust and action, especially young enthusiasts of urban sports, which you show in the creation of new skateparks. We encourage you to follow the progress of the implementation of this skatepark in our social media - it will be happening!

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