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Skatepark in Wolomin - a new school facility to add variety to PE lessons

Skaters, roller skaters, BMX scooterists in Wolomin have reason to rejoice! The long-awaited skatepark will soon be available to residents. The facility will especially benefit students of the Polish Olympians Sports Elementary School No. 5.


Author: Asia Gęborska

The 690-square-meter skatepark features a solid concrete surface, providing excellent riding conditions. It is equipped with a variety of elements that will satisfy both experienced urban sports enthusiasts and those who are just beginning their adventure with this hobby.

The facility is full of elements that will satisfy riders of all levels. The facility consists of the following obstacles: Quater Pipe with mini Quater, Funbox with Grindbox 3/1 + Funbox with stairs and handrail 2/3 + Grindbox 1, freestanding handrail, miniramp and Quater Bank. Completing the skatepark is a concrete section - Bowl and two Sloping Habs. This allows for smooth and dynamic descents and impressive tricks.

The design of the skatepark also includes the installation of modern lighting fixtures, which will allow the facility to be used even after dark, creating a friendly place for the skateboarding community.
The location at 16 Lipinska Street makes the skatepark an easily accessible place for residents of Wolomin and neighboring towns. The location of the skatepark next to the Polish Olympians Sports Elementary School No. 5 also provides new opportunities for students and diversification of PE lessons.

The establishment of the school's facilities is part of Techramps Group's "School of the 21st Century" program, which aims to develop physical education and improve physical culture in Poland.

According to research conducted by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism during the "Stop Exemptions from PE" campaign, Polish children are less active in PE lessons. The biggest problem with this phenomenon is insufficient funds allocated to activities liked by children such as skateboarding. From another report authored by PKO Bank, we can read that 8% of surveyed children distinguish skateboarding among their favorite P.E. activities, and according to surveyed parents, 27% of their kids choose skateboarding, explains Joanna Gęborska, marketing specialist at Techramps Group. - That's why it's so important to educate and expand future school infrastructure. We are happy to be part of this process," she adds.

The opening of the skatepark is a step towards developing the skateboarding community in Wolomin and promoting an active lifestyle among young people.

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