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Techramps Group Open Day

On Saturday, June 15, we opened our company to employees, their friends and acquaintances for a time of chilling and fun together. We prepared plenty of attractions, which meant that there was something for everyone - old and young alike!


Author: Asia Gęborska

We kicked off the event by welcoming our guests to the company's doorstep. At the very beginning, participants had the opportunity to try their hand at operating an excavator. Under the watchful eye of Techramps founder Piotr Nowak, everyone could feel like a real heavy equipment operator!

Our guests could decorate their bodies with tattoos and colorful face paintings. It was a great opportunity to add some different makeup. This attraction was not regretted even by adults. What's more, we served a variety of cotton candy flavors - from cola to cactus! At noon, we made sure to cool down by serving delicious ice cream. It was the perfect way to refresh on this hot day.

Throughout the day there were also workshops with the Skate Room school. Kids could hone their skills on skateboards, roller blades and scooters under the guidance of experienced instructors.

There was also an attraction for young artists who appreciate the board top as a work of art! In an art workshop led by Piotrk Graff, participants painted their own skateboard tops. It was a great opportunity to show creativity and create something unique.

Afterwards, we took a photo together to capture these wonderful moments and gain a souvenir of this special day.

Other entertainment included a barbecue and chilling, where everyone enjoyed delicious grilled food and relaxed in a relaxed atmosphere. Our origami skatepark attracted lovers of extreme sports, and the new Pumptrack Family track from provided plenty of excitement. For the youngest, we prepared inflatables, a miniramp and giveaways. The entire event was highlighted by music served by a DJ.

The Techramps Group Open Day was full of joy and wonderful memories. Thank you to everyone who was with us that day, and we invite you back next year!

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