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The history of the Slo Concept brand - how were the epic designs created?


Author: Asia Gęborska

The Slo Concept brandemphasized its willingness to take on bold challenges, as evidenced by the creation of a skatepark in Chorzow, Silesia. This ambitious project was successfully completed in 2015, resulting in recognition in the skatepark design and implementation sector.

Slo Concept's origins, however, are more deeply rooted in the experience gained through cooperation with Techramps, where the first concrete skatepark - Kielce Skateplaza - challenged the Design Team. It was there, under the guidance of Piotr Nowak aka "Kondor", mentor and co-founder of Techramps, that the team gained valuable knowledge on the design and implementation of concrete skateparks.

In 2011, Karol, an architecture student, joined the Techramps design department to take on the challenge of designing innovative skateparks, such as the first concrete skatepark in Krakow's Mistrzejowice district and the skatepark in Olkusz. The lack of previous such projects in Poland required him to be creative and explore new solutions.

The year 2012 brought further strengthening of the Techramps team with the addition of Maciek, a talented rider, and Magda, responsible for administration and cooperation with authorities. Their diverse skills and experience have contributed to the expansion of Slo Conept's competence.

The idea to create their own design documentation emerged in 2013, when external design units were unable to meet the demanding needs of the community for skatepark design. Karol took the initiative to independently create architectural drawings, giving a new beginning for the brand, which resulted in the creation of a comprehensive concept for a skatepark in Chorzow in 2014.

Thanks to the collaboration between Magda, Karol and Maciek, Slo Concept went from strength to strength, creating inspiring designs and documentation of the highest quality. This period of intense development strengthened the company's position in the market and helped shape a strong team.

In the following years, Slo Concept expanded its team with new talents, including David and Cuba , who are now key experts in skatepark design, and Paula, who specializes in architectural design and visualization. This evolution reflects the company's continued growth and passion for creating spaces that inspire and serve communities around the world.

In 2023, Slo Concept, as an already established brand in the field of sports facility design, was recognized with an award in the "Modernization of the Year & Construction XXI" competition for its outstanding design of a skatepark in Brzeszcze, in the "Sports and Recreation Facilities" category.

Since its debut on the market in 2014, Slo Concept has made a name for itself in the Polish and European arena, completing more than 900 projects not only for skateparks, but also for pumptracks, wakeparks, wave parks, flowparks, as well as complex developments with complex structures. The company is a key component of the Techramps Group, which unites brands specializing in complex sports and recreational projects.

The skateplaza project in Kielce was a huge challenge for the Techramps brand. The experience sparked the need for project documentation.

Andrzej Kwiatek testing a skatepark in Olkusz, 2014.

Skatepark in Brzeszcze. The design of this facility was awarded in the "Modernization of the Year & Construction XXI" competition in 2023.

Slo Concept's latest realization - a skatepark in Zielonka, Mazowieckie province.

Already in autumn 2024 Slo Concept will implement the project of one of the largest skateparks in Poland - in Minsk Mazowiecki.

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