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The story of the Flowparks brand...or how parkour & street workout busyness swept across Poland!

Luck walks in pairs - there's something in that! Thanks to the meeting of two Piotrek - a skater and a parkourist, the FlowParks brand has made its way to many parks and neighborhoods from the Tatra Mountains to the Baltic Sea! Read our story about the coincidence that changed parkour in the country, and the brand's products reached downtown New York!


Author: Asia Gęborska

During a summer parkour hitchhiking trip around Poland, second-year Mechanical Engineering student Piotrek Reczynski answered one very, very important question - what does he like to do in life? According to this iconic quote from the movie "Boys Don't Cry" - he began to break it down! He was left to find a place where he would combine his passion with his work.

In November 2011, Piotrek, also known as ACTE, was asked to gather some parkourl buddies and perform as stuntmen in the intro to the snowboard movie "SWAG." The originally planned one day of shooting turned into two nights. Participation in this project was not the easiest. It was quite hard, and the work was unpaid, as part of an internship and to include participation in the film in one's portfolio. Who thought that one extra furore would guarantee a dream combination of busyness and work? You say? Here! It turned out that Artur, the film's director, knows a certain Kondor from Techramps, the most popular brand in Poland producing skateparks!

Piotr Reczynski in 2011.

Piotr Nowak, founder of Techramps, had already been designing and building skateparks in Poland for more than 8 years, and was starting to look for other directions for the company as well. Kondor was looking for someone from Krakow, from the parkour climate, with a flair for design and maybe even technical skills. This unique coincidence brought both Piot to the nearly completed skatepark in Mistrzejowice, where the future cooperation was sealed with a handshake.

In contrast to Techramps going by then with a stove, Flowparks ' beginnings were quite ascetic, although the name and website were already created in March 2012. Piotrek Reczynski had strongly "old-school" parkour roots and was worried about the reception of artificially created spots. After all, real parkour is about adapting to existing conditions and overcoming obstacles. The first projects, therefore, focused on elements that were simply missing from the urban space - rods or other higher pipes properly connected to walls or platforms.

A place for a new discipline - street workout

Parkour in Poland at that point slowly began to dim. Many thriving teams or even associations were breaking up, people were retiring from parkour. For many, street workout, which was gaining in popularity, became the ideal place for further physical development.

Public spaces lacked pull-up bars or handrails for push-ups. Ladders could be found in children's playgrounds. Peter's old parkour contacts allowed him to get into the workout mood and build Poland's first public park in Lubliniec in June 2013. That same year, several more facilities were built in small towns across Poland, and the "boom" for these facilities was yet to begin.

Gaining independence and experience was a stressful and costly process, but one that was supported financially and substantially by the Techramps crew. This cooperation not only got us through the year, but more importantly built a solid foundation for the future.

The first flowpark in Lubliniec, 2013.

We are discovering the world!
Wanting to put the formalities in order, a separate company Flowparks sp. z o.o. was established in 2015, which, although on paper is a separate legal entity, in practice is an integral part of the Techramps Group . Together we have created several hundred flowparks for parkour and street workout in Poland, Europe, but also in the USA , and we do not intend to stop there!

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