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#MeetOurCrew - Matthew Luberda


Author: Asia Gęborska

Matthew Luberda - a man whose history with skateboarding began in an unusual way. He remembers his first moments on a skateboard, which were at the same time a time when he was lying down with a cast on his arm, immersed in the game Skate 3. Skateboarding is not only passion and learning tricks. For Matthew, it's also his job at Techramps, where his profession as a builder is intertwined with his fascination with skateboarding. Finally, we travel back in time to the year 2044, where Matthew weaves a vision of the future of skateboarding. What awaits us in 20 years? Answers to these questions and much more can be found in the following interview with Matthew aka Rudy.Do you remember your first moments on a skateboard? When did you feel that skateboarding is in your top interests?I liked skateboarding from an early age, but my real adventure with it began after the vacations in 2011. I spent two months with my arm in a cast, playing the game Skate 3. As soon as the doctor removed my cast, I decided with a friend to acquire my first skateboard set and so the acrimony boils over for both of us to this day! What do you like working at Techramps for and how does the construction profession influence your busyness?What I like most about this job is that I work in the skateboard industry. I enjoy building obstacles as much, if not more, than riding them. During my work trips, I learned about the specifics of working with concrete, and now I pay more attention to the details of the execution of such objects, which have a huge impact on the quality of the ride.What is your favorite obstacle that you have had the opportunity to work on. Do you happen to test in your spare time what you have prepared yourself?I am not able to choose a favorite obstacle. I like the Bowl at the Cracow View, which I really like to ride, and the Quater with a curb in Zielonka, which unfortunately I haven't had a chance to test yet, but I see a lot of potential in it. Riding on self-made obstacles, knowing how much effort and skill they require, gives great satisfaction.When building a skatepark, functionality is as essential as in other forms of public outdoor facilities. What is the importance to the community of aesthetics and adding color to gray facilities?Painting skateparks certainly makes them more interesting and adds life. However, personally I am a big fan of user uploads, they best show the nature of the activity, skateboarding and graffiti is the perfect combination.What advice would you have for a city or community planning to build a new skatepark in their area?Over time, skateparks have become more and more common facilities, making me think it is unnecessary to "stuff" as many obstacles as possible in the available space. A very good thing is to hold meetings with local participants to brainstorm together on the project. Photo: Lukasz Gawąd / Streetpark Which trick cost you the most pain, and which was the easiest to learn? It all depends on which trick we are talking about. Of the more difficult ones, the first that comes to my mind are Pivot Fakie and variations of Grinds on the Quarter docked "backwards." I also had to struggle a lot with Bs Nosepick, which I still can't get the hang of. And the easiest thing for me to learn was Slappy Crooks, which is my favorite trick.Name 3 personae in the Polish skateboarding community who inspire you the most.As far as inspiration goes, I get most from the homies I ride with. Especially from those I met when I started riding and we still manage to ride together.Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. How do you imagine skateboarding and skateparks in another 20 years?In the year 2044, skateboarding will continue to be the coolest thing that exists! I think that by that time, many skateparks will be built and more facilities will continue to be built in a typical SLS and Olympic layout, i.e. ideal facilities for competitions and training. I hope that Vert will cease to be a niche and I look forward to the development of the role of this ramp in facilities. In my vision of the world of skateboarding, in 20 years the average skater will be riding more on legal spots created by skateboard-friendly urban infrastructure than on a skatepark.Thanks for the interview! Would you like to join the Techramps Construction Department? Apply here!

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