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On the future of streetworkout with Piotr Reczynski

Nowadays, health awareness and physical activity play a key role in life, especially in cities. The Flowparks brand, founded in 2013 and part of the Techramps Group, has gained prominence in global parkour and streetworkout. In an interview with founder Piotr Reczynski, we look at how the popularity of street workout has evolved in recent years, what factors have contributed to this growth, and what future trends can be predicted for this market.


Author: Asia Gęborska

How has the popularity of street workout changed in recent years and what factors contribute to this growth?

The popularity of street workout has grown significantly in recent years. Contributing factors include a growing awareness of health and fitness, the availability of free and versatile training venues, and the rise of a fitness culture on social media. The COVID-19 pandemic also had an impact, as many people began to seek alternative forms of outdoor activity.

Why are facilities such as flowparks growing in popularity among users of public spaces?

Flowparks are attractive because they combine functionality, aesthetics and accessibility. They allow residents to use public spaces in new and active ways, which fosters community integration and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

What benefits does the presence of flowparks and similar outdoor installations bring tolocal communities ?

Flowparks bring numerous benefits to local communities, such as improving public health, creating spaces for social integration, increasing the attractiveness of local areas and increasing property values.

What design and functional elements are key when designing flowparks to make them attractive and safe for users?

When designing flowparks, the key elements are: safe materials, thoughtful ergonomics of equipment, adaptation to different age groups and abilities, and ensuring easy accessibility and visibility of the facility. It is extremely important that the flowpark is designed by the person who is using it. This is the only way to ensure that training needs and movement capabilities are met. The seemingly simple task of putting up poles, bars and ladders unfortunately turns out to be too difficult for many manufacturers of, for example, children's playgrounds. Through a lack of understanding of the sport in question and the nature of the use of specific equipment, for example, climbing ropes with a diameter of 16 mm or gymnastic hoops on 30-centimeter chains are created.

How does Flowparks involve local communities in the design and use of flowparks?

As a brand within the Techramps Group portfolio, we actively engage with local communities. We organize community consultations, workshops and surveys so that local residents have a say in the final design and functionality of the parks. We also try to organize regular events and trainings to encourage the use of the installations. We develop, free of charge, most of the individual concepts and cost estimates for, among other things, civic budgets and requests that the local community makes to the boards of municipalities, cities, neighborhoods, etc.

What future trends and developments do you foresee for the market of outdoor fitness facilities such as flowparks?

I predict that the trend for outdoor fitness facilities will continue to grow, especially in the context of increased health awareness and the need for accessible public spaces. We also expect to see greater integration of technology, such as mobile apps to support workouts, and eco-friendly design solutions. Flowparks for street workout have already become, so to speak, part of the standard set of landscaping elements designed at new developments. Basic bars, ladders and handrails are now a natural part of public spaces, just like benches, playgrounds, sports fields and outdoor gyms.

We are also seeing a renewed and very dynamic growth of the parkour community, both in Poland and internationally, which also translates into an increase in inquiries, projects and investments in parkour flowparks. The future belongs to large creative concrete facilities, but our goal is also to have many smaller but diverse parks in public spaces.

Flowparks also include climbing walls in their offerings .

The future of outdoor fitness facilities such as flowparks seems promising. With growing health awareness, the need for access to public workout spaces and the integration of new technologies. By working closely with local communities and continuously improving designs, the brand is not only responding to current user needs, but also shaping public spaces to be more functional and integrated into daily life.

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