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POV: Girls Camp!

Before we dive into the story, let me introduce myself. I'm Asia, a marketing specialist at Techramps Group. I usually hide behind a third person on this blog, but this time the situation is unique. The first girls' skateboard camp in Poland is an event that deserves a personal account. I want to share with you my impressions and first-hand experiences, because this event was a cossack!


Author: Asia Gęborska

But let's start from the beginning... How did it happen that I started skateboarding in the first place, to finally be able to train under the tutelage of one of the best riders in Poland? Sit back, get your favorite capuchin ready and immerse yourself in the story!

You name it!

Last August, I joined the Techramps Group team. I was already dreaming of skateboarding, a passion I had always wanted to realize. Skateboarding helped me get closer to the community, with whom I could create events and projects together.

After three months of work, skateboarding came to me on its own! Literally. One day my leader David came to me and said: "Here and ride!". It was easier said than done to start!

Difficult beginnings and new friendships

At first, I rode alone in my neighborhood. Necessarily at night, so that no one would see how awkward it looked. But with time I can say - if you learn something new - you never look stupid, easy!

At the beginning of this year I decided to take matters into my own hands and go for professional board lessons with an instructor. It turned out that a group for girls opened up in Krakow at a local nursery. For me, it was the perfect option to share the activity with other girls, especially since the skatepark I attended was full of guys who were already sweeping on the board!

Fate smiled doubly on me, because at the first class I met Ola. We immediately caught a common language and began to meet regularly for boarding. Together we made huge progress, while meeting many compatriots who showed us new tricks. Despite this, I still felt unsatisfied!

Girls - it's time for our camp!

Ever since I started my adventure with skateboarding, I have always dreamed of visiting the Marysieńka resort in Przysucha. Skatepark infrastructure surrounded by nature - a perfect combination! In early spring, an announcement appeared to us on Insta about the first skateboarding camp for girls in Poland, and it was right there, in Przysucha. The decision was unanimous - we're going!

On Friday, June 8, we arrived at the camp with smiles from ear to ear. After checking in, we had the inauguration of two events at the Marysieńka resort - Girls Camp and Skate Weekend. Then we had our first classes with Agata Halikowska - one of the best riders in Poland. On the "good day" we started with a training of riding technique. Agata turned out to be a great instructor, patiently explaining every move and helping us to improve our skills in terms of correctness and body awareness - full professional!

In the evening it was time for integration. We played foosball, which turned out to be a great way to strengthen ties in the group. Just in this game we all sucked, but we still had a great time! We also took advantage of the diverse infrastructure of the center, enjoying our time outdoors.

We started the next day with a high C - the schedule was thick! We started the day with a joint yoga session to prepare our muscles for the intense skateboarding. After the warm-up, four hours of intensive classes with Agata awaited us. To start, there was a gear workshop, where we learned how to assemble our own board, put on a grip and complete our kit. We also learned about various gadgets for skateboarding like shoe glue and skate tool. Then it was time for the skateboarding workshop. We practiced turnarounds, rock to fakie and safe fall from the board.

Under the guidance of instructor Peter, we had the opportunity to learn about riding a different board - surfskate. It was a completely new experience, which allowed us to break away from the classic skateboard for a while and try something new!

After lunch, we continued the activities, culminating in a mini race around the skatepark, which gave us a lot of fun! Of course - we found time for some well-deserved relaxation. Bathing in the lagoon was a way to relax and cool down after a tiring workout.

In the evening it was time for a session at the skatepark, during which we were free to experiment with various tricks. In addition, we tried our hand at trick boarding, which proved to be a way to improve our balance and coordination. We ended the day with a bonfire and a screening of a film about the creation of the Woodcamp skateboard camp.

The third day of the camp, Sunday, we started with a decent stretching and warm-up with Agata. After a solid preparation of the body, we had a contest for the longest balance on the trick board. Then it was time for some craziness. Together we rode the board, holding on to the melex - mega chad!

We spent the end of the camp on the pier, catching the sunshine and chilling. We spent the last moments at the skatepark, repeating the tricks Agata taught us. It was an opportunity to consolidate our new skills and say goodbye to already friendly places and people.

The camp was an unforgettable experience, full of new compatriots, learning and great memories. I am already looking forward to the next edition in September! Thank you Ola, Daniel, Agata, Wiki and the other participants for the time we spent together!



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